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We have re-engineered banking to make money work for you and your global ambitions

Get US Credit card with high limit
High limit credit card

Whether it’s grocery shopping or that dream laptop or an emergency expense, we’ve got your back with a high limit credit card.

US bank account, No SSN required
No SSN required

We know you are new to America, your visa, passport and basic personal information is enough to get you started with your Zolve Account.

Send Money Abroad
Transfer money internationally

Cheaper, faster and safer way to send and receive money from anywhere in the world

Open US bank account no upfront fees
No upfront fees

Moving across countries can be financially overwhelming. A Zolve account comes with no application fee, no annual credit card fee and no monthly bank account fees.

Apply Bank account online in 5 min
5-min online application

Sign up before you leave home, so that when you land in the U.S. you can focus on your dreams, worry-free.


Giving your dream
the credit it’s due.

Access to money should be the least of your worries when you have aimed to win the world. With a high limit U.S. credit card with no annual fee, we give you the power to do more from Day 1.

Get Credit card with No Annual Fees
No Annual fee
International credit card with no foreign transaction fees
International card with no foreign transaction fees
No Credit history required
No Credit History nor SSN required
Apply credit card and get reward points
Amazing partner store reward programs
Get US credit card with high credit limit
High credit limit upto $10,000
Apply for US credit card
Get a Zolve Credit Card

An account,
designed for You

Apply for a U.S. Bank Account at home and operate when you arrive.
It’s safer than carrying cash.
Open US bank account with no minimum balance required
No min balance required
Apply for US bank account with no upfront fees
No upfront account fees
Open a US bank account online with no SSN required
Transfer money internationally
Open a US bank account online with no SSN required
No SSN required

Azpire truly stands out

Forex cards

  • Takes 7 days
  • No credit history building
  • No rewards
  • Charges on loading and unloading

Azpire Card

  • Get Azpire in 5 mins
  • Build credit history from day 1
  • Get rewards on every swipe
  • No charges at all

International Debit cards

  • ~2-3% forex markup
  • No credit history building
  • No rewards
  • ~$2/withdrawals

Azpire Card

  • No forex charges
  • Build credit history from Day 1
  • Get rewards on every swipe
  • Free ATM cash withdrawals

Why choose


Cheapest way to send money from US

Our straightforward charges are lower than any other.


Faster than your average remits

Transfer money from US to back home in a jiffy!


We are transparent

You’ll be surprised at our charges, we’re all about transparency!


Safe transfers, guaranteed

We’ve partnered with Wise so you can rest easy when you transfer money from US


It’s safe and secure

Rest easy when you send money from India to US.



Our straightforward charges are the lowest to send money from India to US.


Digital Only

You don't need to physically visit us to transfer money from India to US.



Our charges will really surprise you, we’re really transparent.

Rewards so awesome,
you'll be spoiled for choice

Up to0%Cashback
Some of the brands you love

Don’t take our word for it.

Join the 300,000+ users who love us already!

Loved the onboarding experience with Zolve! Super quick sign-up process and the app is very seamless to use. The cherry on top - I got a high credit limit instantly!

Sarthak Shah



With Zolve, I was able to take care of all my big ticket purchases within the first week of landing in the U.S. Thanks to the high credit limit and easy payments!

Renu Makkar



With so much to plan for my U.S. move, I would definitely recommend getting a Zolve account before one flies to the U.S. Cannot wait to start transacting the moment I land!

Aashish Rochwani


Money at your fingertips

A powerful new-age online app to manage your money on-the-go.
No need to go to a physical branch.
Zolve US bank account app
  • Payment alerts: You don’t have to track your money, because we are
  • Payment reminders and auto pay: Start building (credit) history by paying bills on time
  • Seamless payments: Connect to Apple pay, Google pay, Venmo to pay anyone, anywhere
  • Direct Deposits: Accept your salary/stipend directly into your account

Safe and Secure.

Safe US bank account
Your money is safe with us.

Your money is protected by FDIC insurance up to $250,000 through our partner bank.

Lost your card?

Simply freeze/unfreeze the card with just a click on the app. It’s really that easy!


We have raised $55 million to fuel dreams - Ours and Yours

DST Global
Founder Collective
Tiger Global

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