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1. Simply visit www.zolve.com (or) Download the app on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore 2. Register for a Zolve Account 3. Provide the necessary information and you're set! It’s that easy and takes less than 5 minutes!

Yes! We believe in security first. Your checking account is FDIC covered for a sum of $250,000.

For all referrals from 18th July 2022, The referral bonus would be $10.

You will be eligible for the referral bonus once the person whom you have referred completes their first credit card purchase transaction of a minimum $1

Isn't that a super sweet deal?

You can refer a friend by visiting: zolve.com/refer-a-friend

Your referral rewards will be credited after the referred people make their first successful Credit Card purchase transaction.

The points will be added to your Reward section under available to redeem

You will receive a physical Zolve card within 5-7 working days once you land in the U.S. and update your correspondence address.

If you're already in the US - You can start using it as soon as you activate the account

If you're yet to travel to the US - You can start using it only after you land in the US and activate your account

No, you can use it to load funds and checkout cashback offers and rewards. Once you land, you can start paying merchants, loading more funds, swiping the credit card, and earning cashback.

There are no minimum balance requirements for Zolve checking account.

1. Click 'Bank' on the home screen

2. Go to 'My Cards' (on the top)

3. Select Credit Card

4. Click Pay Now

Choose to pay from the linked accounts or link an account

To link an account:

5. Select Link an account, then choose between Zolve Direct or Zolve Micro

Zolve Direct:

• Login to your Profile

• Click 'Bank' on the home screen

• Go to 'My Account' (on the top)

• Select Add Money

• Choose Zolve Direct

• Enter External Account Credentials

• Initiate Transaction

Zolve Micro:

• Login to your Profile

• Click 'Bank' on the home screen

• Go to 'My Account' (on the top)

• Select Add Money

• Choose Zolve Micro

• Enter External Account Credentials

• Verify your details

• Initiate Transaction

Initiated credit card bill payment from an external account may take up to 4 to 5 business days to be settled

We do not charge any transaction fees for adding funds to your checking account. Add away!

100%! You can sign up with Zolve even before the Visa arrives. Simply upload your passport and you're in. Nothing better than prepping well in advance. Kudos!

There are no transaction fees on using your Zolve Debit Card. Withdrawing cash from any of our 65,000 partner ATMs across the country will attract 0 fees! If you have to withdraw from any non-partner network ATMs, you will be charged $2.5 per withdrawal.

Yes, we do. We take into consideration your Indian credit score to appropriate a credit limit in the U.S. However, even without a credit history, depending on your documents, Zolve is known to provide a higher credit limit than most players in the market. Do check!

The billing cycle starts on the 15th of every month and ends on the 15th of the next month (i.e. 15th to 15th). 10th of the next month is the due date to pay your Credit Card dues.

Getting Started

Zolve is a cross border fintech that enables fair access to financial products for global citizens! We are open to everyone across the world flying to the US. We give you a US checking account and a US credit card while you're still packing your bags. With minimal documentation and a lightning fast approval process, Zolve helps you prepare for your financial life in the US, right from Day 1!

In wire transfer generally the originating and receiving bank both charge a certain fee.

Domestic Transfer: It would take 2-3 business days to receive the money.

International Transfer (External Transfer) Ex: If you transfer money from your home country bank account to Zolve using the wire method, the home country bank would charge some amount for the transfer. It takes 4-5 business days to receive the money transfer - To avoid the $15 incoming wire transfer charges, you can use Zolve Remittance

Zolve Offers:

US Checking Account - Protected by FDIC insurance up to $250,000

US Debit Card

US Credit Card

International Money Transfers

Health Insurance

Education Loans

Pet Insurance

Rental Insurance

Auto Loans

1. Simply visit www.zolve.com (or) download our app from Apple Appstore / Google Playstore

2. Sign-up

3. Upload necessary documents, and you're all set

It's that easy and takes less than 5 minutes

To make the process seamless and just right for you, your Zolve Credit Card will be delivered to your US address.

Yes, you can.

You can sign up with Zolve even before the Visa arrives. Simply give some details, and you're in. We will take the Visa later. Nothing better than prepping well in advance. Kudos!

Short answer - No. We know you may not have an SSN or a US credit history. But that shouldn’t stop you from having an equal footing in the US. With Zolve, you can apply for a Zolve checking account and a US Credit Card with your passport, visa as identification documents. The process is entirely online and approvals are fast.


You can apply for Zolve products if you are a:

-- Student residing in the US with a valid student visa

-- Student about to move to US

-- Working Professional residing in the US with a valid work visa

-- Working Professional about to move to US

-- US Resident

Yes! Absolutely. We believe nothing should come in the way of you achieving your dreams and that's why we exist! Go ahead and sign-up!

No, not at all! You can sign up for the credit card and checking account from anywhere. Even before you land in the US, you have your finances sorted. Zolve has got you covered from the very beginning!

About Zolve Account

If you're already in the US - You can start using it as soon as you activate the account

If you're yet to travel to the US - You can start using it only after you land in the US and activate your account

1. You can send money internationally via a wire transfer. Give your Zolve checking account number and routing details to your local bank.

2. You can also Log in to another bank's website that you want to transfer money from. Add your Zolve checking Account information using the same routing and checking account information that you would use for direct deposit.

There are no minimum balance requirements for Zolve checking account.

About Zolve Credit Card

Right after you upload your documents! All you need to do is sign up on the website or application, enter the required details and know your credit limit instantly.

Cash withdrawals are not permitted on your Zolve Credit Card. However, you can use your debit card for this.

Paying your outstanding balance is very simple. You can either pay it with your Zolve checking account or through other bank accounts you may have in the US

Yes, Zolve is created to help you conduct financial transactions beyond borders, and you can definitely use your Zolve credit card outside of the U.S. Also, there is no foreign transaction fee on Zolve Credit Cards. You can use the card for international transactions just like a standard transaction via the mobile app or by entering the details on the merchant site.

The credit card we provide is unsecured, which means that you do not have to pay any security deposit for it.

Your Zolve Credit Card will be delivered to your US address

About Zolve Azpire Card

Zolve Azpire is a new-age credit builder card that can be used to build your credit score with everyday purchases. Your limit on your Azpire card will be equal to the money you have deposited in your Zolve Checking Account.

The Zolve Azpire Card is lifetime free! We don’t charge any annual or subscription fees.

Azpire doesn’t have a pre-set credit limit. Instead, the money you move into your Azpire card becomes your limit (up to a maximum of $10000 / billing cycle). For example, if you deposit $1000, we give you a credit limit of $1000. You can spend up to $1000 with your Azpire card.

You can use the following ways to deposit money into the Azpire account

-- Domestic Bank Transfers - ACH and Wire

-- Direct salary deposit

-- Wallets - Venmo/CashApp/PayPal/Zelle

-- International wire transfers

** Please navigate to your Zolve app >> Bank >> Checking account >> Manage >> View bank transfer limits to know about your ACH fund load limits.

The Zolve Azpire Card is a credit builder card. This means that the transactions on it count towards building your credit history. Your transactions will be reported as positive payment history to the 3 major credit bureaus in the US - Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. This will help build your credit score over time.

No, we don’t charge any APR or late fees on the Azpire card.

You are eligible to apply for a Zolve Azpire card if you are a:

-- Student residing in the US with a valid student visa

-- Student about to move to US

-- Working Professional residing in the US with a valid work visa

-- Working Professional about to move to US

-- US Resident

If you have an SSN, you will need the following documents

-- SSN + Valid Photo ID (US Driving License, US State ID or Passport)

If you do not have an SSN, you will need the following documents

-- Passport + Valid Student / Work Visa in the US

Absolutely! Our products are made so that you can enjoy great benefits even when you don’t have a credit history in the U.S.

Your Zolve Azpire Card will be delivered to your US address within 10 – 14 days of placing an order for a physical card on the app

Your virtual Azpire card is ready as soon as you activate the account. You can then use your virtual card for online purchases or at offline stores by linking the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

To view your Azpire card details, please navigate to Zolve app >> Bank >> Zolve Azpire >> View details

Autopay allows you to clear dues from your specified (designated) account without hassle. If you disable it, you will have to manually pay your Total Bill Amount, through an external account or Zolve checking account.

Building your credit

We report to all the three major credit bureaus in the US – TransUnion®, Experian®, and Equifax®

Yes! Zolve enables you to build your credit history from day one based on your name and date of birth which is then paired/matched with your SSN/ITIN whenever you receive it. Post this, your future employers, landlords, and financial institutions will be able to review your entire credit history with your SSN.

Safety and Security

Zolve is your financial haven. We value you, and the safety of your money is our responsibility. Your checking account is FDIC insured up to $250,000. Also, we are constantly monitoring your transactions, and your card may be blocked if any suspicious activity is found. If lost or stolen, you can also report your card.

Yes, your data is completely safe with us and will only be shared with our partner bank with whom you have your accounts.


A transaction can be disputed for various reasons like:

• Not incurred - Unknown transaction billed to the card account

• Double Debit - Charged twice for a single transaction

• Failed / Cancelled transaction - Transaction failed or was canceled

• Services not rendered / Goods not received from the merchant

Follow the below steps to raise a dispute

1. Tap on the fraudulent transaction and choose 'Get help'

2. Choose the option 'Raise a dispute'

3. It is suggested to freeze your card to avoid further fraudulent transactions

For credit report-related queries, please get in touch at +1 (213) 406-7896 or reach out to our 24x7 chat support

A quick call to the merchant can often answer your questions and quickly resolve them. However, if this is not resolved, you may raise a dispute.

A transaction dispute should be reported to Zolve within 60 days from the date of the statement delivery.

As per Mastercard guidelines, in case of a dispute, all cardholders should provide a duly filled in Transaction Dispute Form mentioning the details of the disputed transaction, which will enable/authorize the bank to investigate with the respective Merchant / Member Bank.

When a dispute is raised for a transaction, temporary credit is given to your account, and an investigation is initiated. This temporary credit will nullify the effect of the disputed transaction on the total outstanding. This is to ensure that you are not affected during the period of investigation.

Based on the outcome of the investigation, the temporary credit may be made permanent resulting in no liability from your end for the transaction or may be reversed.

We will ensure an end-to-end resolution of the dispute. You may also contact the merchant directly for faster resolution.

A written acknowledgment will be sent confirming the dispute is taken up. We will inform you if any further documentation is required from your end to address the claim.

Most disputes are resolved within 2 - 3 billing cycles from the date of transaction dispute forms receipt and complete supporting documents. Although a few complex cases might take more than the said time.

We will send you a written communication telling you about the outcome of your dispute.

If your card account is debited twice for a transaction that was incurred only once, be sure to get in touch with the merchant immediately or raise a dispute, in case the merchant denies it.

Approval and Denial of a dispute can depend on multiple factors and the card issuers' acceptance.

No. To help protect your information and prevent further unauthorized use of your account, the card is frozen or blocked. You will receive a replacement card for further usage

We request you to check with relatives or friends or authorized users with whom you might have shared your account details, to see if they recognize the transaction. To help you identify a charge, you can also view more details online by clicking on the transaction in your “Account Activity” section.